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If you would like to volunteer to collect one of the soundmarks listed on this site, please send me your contact details and I shall send you a collectors kit

I am Now seeking volunteers to start the collection for the first exhibition in September,2004, so please get involved and volunteer to collect one of the sound marks listed on this site - I am looking forward to hearing from you
Garth Paine


Please note you need to supply a sound registration numbre and description for the sound(s) you are offereing to collect, so I can maintain the database of volunteer collectors. Please fill in the form afresh for each sound you would like to collect.

first name

email address

Street Address
post code

Sound Registration number (you need to put this in - you can find it in the listings
Sound Description (from the listings - you need to enter this for me - you can just copy-paste from the listing)

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NB. I will not share your address details with any other person or organisation

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Updated 06 Aug 2003
garth paine