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Volunteer Sound Collectors Sought immediatelly

Endagered Sound project<>

Garth Paine is calling for volunteers to collect samples of sound (in test tubes) that appear on the SoundMark/Patent Sound listings on the website listed above.This project sets out to list and then collect evidence of the presence of these protected sounds in public and private space. A call for volunteers to collect internationally, samples of the sounds listed on the site as patented or trademarked. The collection will be facilitated by Garth Paine sending you the volunteer a test tube with label, cork and wax seal - the volunteer will be asked to collect the sound by placing the test tube close to the source (thereby capturing air through which the sound traveled) and then complete the label, documenting the time, place and nature of the sound (including a volume level).

These test tubes will be collected and displayed in chemistry racks in the gallery, illustrating the frequency and diversity of the environment into which these 'private', protected sounds have been released. The means of exhibition plays with the scientific requirements of the patent application, the scientific method for analysis and quantification, and
the farce of collecting a sound in a test tube even though the label on the sample does document the presence of the sound and it's locale in the world.

The exhibition at BEAP04 Sound Difference will also contain 4 large glass vacuum desicator vessels, containing a loud speaker in a vacuum - Patented sounds would be played into these vessels, in theory breaking the legal protection of the patent, but being inaudible due to the vacuum, questioning the conditions under which the patent has validity.A third stage of this project will be the creation of a grave yard for 'dead' sounds, raising aural awareness in line with the other sections of the work of the ever changing nature of our sonic environment. This will be done by providing a card index so that visitors to the exhibition can add sounds they remember and rarely hear anymore.


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Updated 06 Aug 2003
garth paine