Map 2

An interactive sound environment installation by

Garth Paine

Exhibited: December 1999, January 2000 - Musical Instrument Museum, Berlin


Map2 was commissioned by the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung (State Institute for Music Research) (SIM), Berlin as part of the Festival of Culture (KUNSTFEST) over the New Year period of the milennium (30.12.99 - 02.01.00).

The work explores the interaction between human movement and the creation of music. It attempt to creat an environment in which people can consider the impact they make on their immediate environment and the cuasal loops that exist between behaviour and quality of environment. Personal aesthetic leads to descisions about preferential behaviour patterns and in tern preferential environment - one conditions the other.

This work uses realtime music synthesis and video sensing techniques to creat a realtime sound environment.


Click here for Some Sound from the exhibition

Click here for Video of me performing the installation


Activated Space