May 5 to May 23, 1998
Span Galleries (Audio Visual Room) - 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia

see video - MAP1 documentation (QT ) 35MB

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Map 1 explores ways in which humans develop and re-evaluate cognitive mappings of personal relationships with their environment. Human expectations, frustrations, desires and experiences are usually expressed to the outside world as a physical or aural response.


Sophisticated sensing technologies in map 1 (David Rockeby's fabulous VNS) observe the physical movements of people within the installation providing information about the mass, dynamic and direction of movement within predefined independent regions. The movement data is fed to artificial intelligence software that has been trained with a huge range of possible outcomes.


This control data is used to drive a realtime sound (granulatr synthesis) process, the source material, being the sounds made by those within the installation. James McCartney's wonderful Supercollider software is used to do the granulation. Other audio, including text elements and prepared piano, are introduced into the space according to visitor movement patterns.




This installation focuses on sound using the immersive, fluid and emotive qualities of the medium to generate a rich, enveloping and ever evolving environment. The sounds are made more fluid by the use of a system capable of moving the apparent source of the sound through the physical environment. This creates a dynamic relationship between the presence and position of a body and the position and movement trajectory of the sounds. The ability to move sound through space affords the sound a physicality and in so doing the sense that the sound becomes another physical character or presence within the installation.

Those within the installation will sense a physical interaction with the sound. A wide range of different aural qualities are mapped in qualitative groupings to different regions within the installation space, generating a plethora of aural textures and densities, chosen on the basis of the quality of movement of the body within that region of the exhibition

I extend a special thank you to James McCartney for his extensive assistance with this project.

see video - MAP1 documentation (QT ) 35MB

or MAP1 Small performance (QT ) 6.5 MB

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