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Moments of a Quiet Mind - An Intelligent Interactive Virtual Environment Installation

Linden Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, August 1996

An Immersive Virtual Environment by Garth Paine (Development, Programming, Sound)

Interactive Video - Craig Madoc

MQM was an interactive audio and video virtual environment (IVE) sensitive to human presence and movement patterns. MQM was an immersive experience, a world where individual behavior and the behavior of others has a cumulative effect on the immediate environment. The participants were encouraged to work together to create the environment they wished to inhabit.

The MQM installation was an "organic space", developing its own expression of equilibrium when not inhabited. The presence of a <BODY> generated additional responses. The challenge was to explore the environment in order to find a symbiotic existence, cognisant of personal presence within an ever affected system. The choices were many and varied, being dependent upon the way(s) in which the <BODY(S)> were present. Each experience being unique. A direct relationship between the speed of movement and the quality of environment was established. MQM explored the inter-relationship between people, their actions and their environment. It provided a platform to consider the relationship between the <perceived> and <actual> consequence of behavior.

It was intended that inhabitants of the space make decisions to modify their behavior in order to create a desirable environment. Further, when there was more than one <BODY> , group decisions needed to be made both about acceptable behavior and the qualities of a preferential environment. MQM considers the effects of events, negotiating a continuing relation with the terrain surrounding them: The greater an entities immediate autonomy the greater the number of feedback loops required for its apparent individualised system.

MQM utilised custom software and hardware developed to convert external triggers into data commands that regulated the simultaneous playing of pre-constructed sound bites on six CD-ROM drives and video from three PC's projected into the space via five video/data projectors. The MQM software was both sophisticated and intelligent. The input module analysed the nature of the trigger inputs and derived information about:

The software interpreted this data, altering the playback response of the system thereby altering the environment as a direct response to the <BODY(S)> behavioral characteristics. MQM creates an integrated relationship between the presence of a <BODY> and the supra-natural environment it inhabits. One can not exist without the other. This is an important progression from the technology-external controller paradigm of the Touch Screen and Dumb Triggering technologies.

Each trigger has a number of possible outcomes dependent on the analysis of previous and current activity, challenging the perception of

A review of MQM by James Roland was published in MESH #10 MQM - Review

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