SingingBowls - Oscillations from Garth Paine on Vimeo.

”Oscillations” creates a field of tones using six Tibetan singing bowl robots, each carrying two singing bowls that produce pure sustained tones and striking single notes, filling the room with an omnipresent series of harmonics. In contrast, oscillating cymbals produce an earthy, gritty and urgent intervention, marking out the sound field in a dynamic manner.

”Oscillations” was featured at the Balanced Unbalanced 2013 and at ISEA2013 and as part of the Phoenix 1st Friday Art Walk

The work is also available for perambulatory performances at festivals and art events - make a booking enquiry here

Oscillations Perambulations - Singing Bowl robots and resonating cymbals as perambulatory performance from Garth Paine on Vimeo.