Building Pd Patches for iOS

A great set of tutorial for building Pd patches onto iOS
Some of the classes are deprecated in the latest Xcode but you can work around that

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Phase Displacement Oscillator MKII (PDO MKII) – WMD


I like the sound of this oscillator and the way you can use phase on the LFO settings.

blockquote>Introducing the WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator (PDO). This hybrid VCO has all the feel of an analog VCO but with the benefits of digital waveshaping. The PDO will easily find a home in your system! The PDO exists to utilize the phenomenon of Phase Modulation (PM). This allows for the

Source: Phase Displacement Oscillator MKII (PDO MKII) – WMD

This looks particularly useful with the expanders

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This looks like a great addition to my rack. 8 channels if sample trigger with some manipulation would be very useful from field recordings to frequencies to resonate my cymbals.

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Estimote — Sensing position.

These look interesting. Although having to carry an android device kind if kills the idea given that all new phones have good high accuracy gps that can work indoors with wifi or a cell network. Still, could be a useful addition to a project.

Estimote — real world context for your apps.

Source: Estimote — real world context for your apps.

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The digial/analog developments in Eurorack are increasingly interesting.

Real analog plugins. Colour is a new family of audio gear that makes true analog sound more affordable and compact than ever before. Devices in the Colour family

Source: Colour

See see the Blackmarket Color Eurorack Moduel here

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B1 takes form

B1, Simone Mancuso (Percussion) and Garth Paine (Live Electronics), take you on exciting new sonic adventures – traversing the experimental terrain of rich electronic and percussive sound fields. The duo’s original works draw on influences ranging from ancient Japanese music to Stockhausen, Ligeti and Cage to experimental prog-rock.


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CSound and PD on Eurorack

This is sooooo cool – go to 3:15 in the video

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