Leaf shaped Solar Panels

14/05/10 Greendix announces the first leaf shaped crystalline silicon solar panel in the world.Greendix’s President Mr. Joseph Lin:In order to provide a new life to a conventional technology and help it merge more naturally into our surroundings, my team has developed a new process to design and produce leaf shaped solar panels.This will revolutionize users and designer’s stereotypical thinking that Solar panels can only come in rectangular shapes.Our vision is to be able to build green solar trees using this product and plant solar trees even in places that real trees can’t grow or survive.Other than the cosmetic advantages of this product, the solar tree concept can be a renewable energy source for different types of applications, for example it can be used in decorative home and garden products, infrastructure projects, electric car charging station, consumer products, etc.Our company would like to pass on this concept and help conserve our environment one leaf at a time!

via 綠霖光電有限公司.

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