Bio Music; Maxime Rioux and Andrew Brouse

Bio Music; Maxime Rioux and Andrew Brouse

This collaboration between Maxime De La Rochefoucault (Automates Ki) and Andrew Brouse titled “Bio Music. The piece was performed at the (SAT) Society for Arts and Technology for the pure data convention last year. The build up to the performance was intense as Brouse attached bio/sensors to this freshly shaved head, which seems to take 30mins. Behind him a selection of Maxime’s robotic instruments and a large piece of hardware that i guessed did the brain wave processing. The piece started with Brouse – eyes closed and breathing deeply, then one by one the robotic instruments began to play, building up to the point where all the instruments were playing together.

A re-interpretation of Alvin Lucier’s famous sound piece for human brainwaves “Music for Solo Performer”. This interpretation was done directly from the poetic score, never having heard or seen the original music performance. Brainwave performer: Andrew Brouse Audification by Automates Ki: Maxime Rioux Video Production: César Saez Inspiration: Alvin Lucier

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