Sensorium Gymnasium

Sensorium Gy mnasium
Thinking Through the Body artlab
Saturday 1 August 11am AND 3pm

Sensorium Gymnasium is an open studio event of the Thinking Through The Body Artlabís
collaborative research. The Sensorium Gymnasium is a place for both teaching and learning,
for discussion and experimentation. Itís a place for developing your embodied ability to
experience and create art.

Thinking Through the Body is an interdisciplinary research project exploring the use and
potential of touch, movement and physical experience in interactive art practice. The project
brings together eight diverse practitioners from the fields of visual art, design, sound,
performance and somatic bodywork. Over the past year the Thinking Through the Body team
has gathered for three intensive residencies based on knowledge exchange, discussion, and
collaborative research. This year of exploration culminates at Performance Space, where the
team will work together in a final residency to create a series of experiences and prototypes
that communicate the discoveries of their practice-based research to invited guests.

ARTISTS: Jonathan Duckworth, George Khut, Somaya Langley, Lian Loke, Lizzie Muller,
Garth Paine, Maggie Slattery, Catherine Truman

WHERE: TRACK 12, Carr iageWork s, 245 Wilson St , Eveleigh

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