Core Sound TetraMic

The Core Sound TetraMic is the first portable, single point, stereo & surround sound Ambisonic soundfield microphone to be available for under $1000. Core Sound say it is the finest performing microphone of its type in the world.

Based on the principles of Ambisonic recording developed by Michael Gerzon and Peter Craven during the 1970’s, TetraMic allows you to place a single exceedingly accurate tetrahedral microphone in a sound field, record four channels of audio in “A” format, transform them using software into “B” format (W, X, Y and Z), and later interpret those four channels to essentially any single-point configuration of microphones:







multiple combinations of those including:

Blumlein (two crossed figure-8 microphones in the azimuth plane))

Height-enabled Blumlein (three orthogonal figure-8 microphones)

M/S (Mid/Side)

XY (two crossed cardioids) separated by any arbitrary angle

binaural, using HRTF information

Three hypercardioids facing forward and two cardioids facing rearward (for 5.1 surround)

any combination and arrangement of microphones for surround sound or other effects

The apparent orientation can be rotated, tilted, tumbled or zoomed at will.

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