New Interfaces from Ruin & Wesen

I like the look of these newinterfaces from Ruin & Wesen, especially the Joystick

The Monojoystick is a small joystick controller designed as the ideal companion to the Elektron Monomachine SFX-60. Featuring 6 buttons, it allows to intuitively select the controlled track. The controlled parameters are setup in the Monomachine settings panel, just as on the SFX-6 model.

More than just an emulation, the Monojoystick has a few tricks up its sleeve: when pressing multiple track buttons, you can control up to all tracks at once with a single sweet of the joystick, allowing for some sonic madness! To clean up, just revert to the saved kit at the press of a button. Alternatively, you can also revert a single track back to its saved settings. Furthermore, the MonoJoystick finally allows you to have access to CTR-AL tweaking on the MonoMachine. Press a button on the MonoJoystick, turn a knob on the MonoMachine, and all tracks are affected!

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