Woronora River Paddle on Flickr

Ok, I have decided to have a section of my Blog for personal activities that I would like to share, such as Kayaking. So here is a link to some pics I took a few days ago on my birthday in fact, whilst on a paddle up the Woronora River . I have also logged the path on Google Earth using my new Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx portable marine GPS – which is absolutely wicked….

I am hoping to use the Kayaking category to link the pictures and the Google Earth paths so that others who might be interested can use the information to plan their own trips, and so I have a catalogue of my journeys – we’ll see if I am disciplined enough to do it regularly…

If your interested, I have a FeelFree Moken in a nice sky blue colour, and without all the fishing paraphernalia … It’s a nice boat… it leaked a bit when I first got it, but that was the clips holding the seat in, and was repaired under warrantee, which was good… now it as dry as they come.


This is the Google Earth Link to my paddle path, collected by my GPS while I was paddling back down the Woronora River on July 3. It will open in Google Earth and show you the path and some information about it, like the distance etc. The paddle is about 5 KM in each direction and is very easy.

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5 thoughts on “Woronora River Paddle on Flickr

  1. that’s just freakin gorgeous. even if nothing else could make me homesick, an image like this would…

  2. Hi Nick

    Yes it is a beautiful part of the world… but hey Paris is not so bad 😉 looks like your doing some interesting work

  3. Garth, cannot get the Google earth link to show anything except a lot of computer speak???


  4. Hi David

    The file should download and then you can open it in Google Earth. How doesn’t sound like thats happening, so when you click on the link, hold down the ctrl key, and select ‘Save selected file as…’ and then save the file to your desktop, then open it in Google Earth – hope that works – cheers, Garth

  5. Impressive technology, but above all looks like a fabulous place. Absolutely makes us want to come back, hope to see you somewhere soon, Lindsey

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