Classic E-MU Proteus as Software Instruments

Cakewalk have released the E-MU Proteus Packs

Digital Sound Factory has reissued the original Proteus sample content for use with Cakewalk’s Dimension Pro and Dimension LE synthesizers. Founder Timothy Swartz is a 20-year veteran of E-MU Systems and producer of the original Proteus sound sets used in their hardware products. Using the original sample content, combined with the advanced parameters available in Cakewalk’s Dimension, these new instrument programs were perfectly matched and tuned to the original hardware products.

The E-MU Proteus Pack consists of over 3,500 immediately useable, go-to sound programs, perfect for any style of music you can imagine. And when you combine them with the infinite synthesis options of Dimension Pro, they also provide the perfect springboards for custom sonic creations.

E-MU Proteus Pack* includes:

Proteus 2000: Multi-Purpose Professional Sounds
Mo’ Phatt: Hip Hop / Urban
Xtreme Lead 1: Dance/Electronica
Planet Earth: World
Virtuoso 2000: Orchestral
PX-7: Drums Percussion
Over 3,500 different patches


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