C74 Perspectives: a range of video’s illustrating the use of Max/MSP/Jitter

There are a number of very interesting short videos on youtube of artists using Max/MSP/Jitter to composer/perform musical and inter-media works. I thought I’d place a few of them here as I would like to reference them, and probably add to them in the future and I thought it might interest others.

Here is Luke DuBois

here is a work for Violin Luke did the visual programming for

Jamie Lidell talks about MAX/MSP

Here is an example of his performance – multiplying his own voice using Max/MSP

A composition for Max/msp/jitter and Saxaphone

Jonny Greenwood Max/MSP patch #2 – using Max/MSp to process the guitar live

This is a nice example of adapting simple tools (A cheap laser pointer, a solar panel and a clear vase filled with water are transformed into a music controller) and applying the flexability of MAX/MSP to develop some fun music interfaces, Includes demonstrations of amp modulation, amp and freq mod and a more complex mapping as well

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