Quartz Composer Programming Guide


Apples Computers Quartz Composer Programming Environment is an extraordinarily powerful visual programming environment for video art.

Apple Says:

Quartz Composer is a development tool provided with Mac OS X v10.4 for processing and rendering graphical data. Its visual programming environment is suited for:

Developing graphics processing modules without writing a single line of code
Exploring the visual technologies available in Mac OS X without needing to learn the application programming interface (API) for that technology
Quartz Composer brings together a rich set of graphical and nongraphical technologies, including Quartz 2D, Core Image, Core Video, OpenGL, QuickTime, MIDI System Services, and Real Simple Syndication (RSS), which is a lightweight XML format.

You use Quartz Composer to create compositions, which are graphical programs. Compositions can run autonomously, or you can incorporate them into an application. You can play back and interact with a composition from within an application by using a very straightforward runtime API or without any code at all by using a QCView, which is provided on the Quartz Composer palette in Interface Builder. Quartz Composer compositions are fully compliant with the Cocoa controller layer and key-value bindings, allowing you to combine Interface Builder and Quartz Composer to rapidly develop data-driven visualizations.

After installing the developer tools, you can find the Quartz Composer application in:

/Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/

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