VisiSonics | RealSpace™ Audio/Visual Camera

VisiSonics | RealSpace™ Audio/Visual Camera.

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Audio Panoramic Camera Description
The popular RealSpace™ Audio Panoramic Camera consists of a microphone array and camera array distributed over the surface of an 8-inch aluminum sphere and internal electronics to calibrate and synchronize audio and visual data capture. The RealSpace™ Audio Panoramic Camera comes in a number of standard configurations differentiated by the number of cameras and/or the number of microphones. The RealSpace™ 5/64 Panoramic Audio Camera shown above consists of 64 microphones and five video cameras.

The RealSpace™ Audio Panoramic Camera’s spherical microphone architecture provides an omni-directional acoustic image of the environment. The microphone signals are conditioned using individual pre-amp circuits and the converted to digital by a dedicated analog to digital converter. The digitized acoustic data are sampled at 44.1 kHz per channel at 24 bit depth and collected by an internal high performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based processor where they are managed. Formatted and converted into a single USB 2.0 data stream. RealSpace™ software operating on a customized laptop with an internal NVIDIA GPU accepts USB data stream and performs the user-selected functions with extensive real-time processing capabilities. The auditory scene can be decomposed into its spherical harmonic components up to order 7. This allows for increased spatial isolation of acoustic sources in the environment. Further, the scene can also be decomposed into filtered plane-waves, and can be beamformed into multiple real-time beams. A resolution of up to 2 degrees is possible for higher frequency beams.

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