VisiSonics RealSpace 3D sound technology

HRTF Measuremeant Fixture_HRTF.jpg

Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) – RealSpace™ 3D

VisiSonics protected RealSpace™ 3D sound technology provides a truly realistic, as good as being there, experience to listeners equipped only with a standard two channel head phone or earbud device.

RealSpace™ is based on the fact that “humans have just two ears but can locate sounds in three dimensions from all directions (including above and below, front and rear, and to either side). This is possible because the brain and the ear work together to process information to infer from where sounds emanate. Because individuals vary in terms of the shapes of their heads and ears, the HRTF will depend on the dimensions of the individual listener. Recordings processed via an HRTF which approximates your own physical characteristics can be listened to on stereo headphones and interpreted as if they were comprised of sounds coming from all directions, rather than just two points on either side of your head. The perceived accuracy of the result depends on how closely the HRTF data set matches the characteristics of your own ears.”


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