E2E – Performance in New York

Dec 2012

E2E soundcheck, Dec 2012

I am delighted to have three pieces curated into the Ear to the Earth, John Cage festival in New York in December 2012. Field recordings I made in Paris and New York are part of the Cagean Mix #1: Sounds from Around the World on the 20th and Christmas Party-Cagean Mix #3: Sounds of New York City on the 23rd.

On December 22 at 8PM, I will be performing flute with live electronic processing accompanied by an 8 channel acousmatic background composed from Australian field recordings – here are the program notes…..

Garth Paine: Conversation —Prelude

Garth Paine writes: “The idea for this music arises from a number of residency periods at Bundanon in Australia, where I undertook explorations in engaging in conversations with the landscape. These conversations took several forms: ambisonic recordings of the natural environment; piano wire fixed between trees to record the sounds generated by the movement of the tree trunks in the wind (tightening and loosening the tension of the wires) and through bowing and striking the wires; and vocalisations recorded as improvised conversations with the land and the birds. These materials come together here as a prelude to an ongoing inquiry into the ways in which we converse with nature on a daily basis. And I’m playing a flute as one example of my part of the conversation.”

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