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BTS Bioengineering | BTS FREEEMG 300.

Interesting small modular EMG solution for BioSensing

BTS FREEEMG 300 represents a generation leap in diagnostic device technology for surface dynamic electromyography analysis. Based entirely on wireless technologies, BTS FREEEMG 300 is the first electromyography unit in the world using 16 miniaturized probes with active electrodes weighing less than 9 grams for signal acquisition and transmission.

BTS FREEEMG 300 stands for an improvement in the performance of the FREEEMG systems already appreciated by researchers and clinicians throughout the world. These practitioners need to be able to rely on a daily basis on a highly efficient system easy to configure and use, for differentiated clinical and researcher applications.
The probes amplify the EMG signals, digitize them and communicate with the compact and light receiving unit,, which can be either way worn by the patient, left on the table or held by the doctor.

The complete absence of wiring not only minimizes the patient distress during the preparation but also grant them a full range of motion during the task without restrictions..

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