Gigs in September/October

Thought I’d pop a few dates up here for gigs I am doing in September/October

SynC, Michael Atherton and Garth Paine at Sonic Encounters, University of Western Sydney, September 29, 1PM

1/4″ gig at Woolongong Uni September 29, 7PM with Kreepa (AKA John Richards)

October 13, Canberra with Kreepa (more info to come)

Enjoy – hope to see you there….. cheers, Garth

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2 thoughts on “Gigs in September/October

  1. I am a UK based musician and have some performances in Sydney & Melbourne from the 1st of December and am looking for opportunities to perform in other cities like Canberra, Woolongong or anywhere along south east coast while I am there. I create drones, textures & rhythms through playing / improvising trumpet into a looping pedal, FX and laptop manipulations of field recordings. The music resides somewhere between electro acoustic & ambient jazz soundtrack .

    If you or anyone you know could help I would be very appreciative.

    best wishes,

    Roger Mills

    Examples of stuff from my new ep can be heard at

  2. Hi Roger

    Sounds excellent – shame that the Uni semester is finished by then as it would be good to have you perform at UWS.

    For Woolongong, talk to Aaron Hull and Uni Woolongong for his 1/4″ series

    For Canberra, write to Roger Dean

    You could also speak to Greg Jenkins in Brisbane at QUT

    Hope that helps. Garth

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