Kaoss Pad 3

Korg have released the new Kaoss Pad 3


There is an excellent outline of the updates and functions on the Create Digital Music site

Picture 5.jpg

There is a clip of Radiohead playing Evererything in it’s right place (paris live 2001) using a Kaoss Pad which is particualry interesting for the close ups of the Kaoss Pad creating FX on the voice

A few pedals in use as well….
Picture 62.jpg

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Music Thing in the UK have a series of articles about the legendary Australian synth and audio tools developed by Fairlight

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Multitouch interface

Picture 7.jpg

Jeff Han on TED Talks demonstrates—for the first time publicly—his intuitive, “interface-free,” touch-driven computer screen, which can be manipulated intuitively with the fingertips, and responds to varying levels of pressure

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Research, Writing, and Style Guides

Many questions regarding accepted style come up when writing a thesis or even a paper for a journal or conference.

Here are a few resources I find useful

Research, Writing, and Style Guides

The Chicago Manual of Style

APA style guide

More APA style from the Owl at Purdue , with interesting articles for instance on documenting electronic sources

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EST · Engineering · Sytems · Technologies have an excellent catalogue of high quality interfaces including gloves, eye trackers, 3D trackers, Haptik feedback systems etc – worth a look if you are research interactive technologies

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Gypsy Gyro Motion Capture System


The Gypsy Gyro Motion Capture System places the sensors on the body rather than using the video tracking 3D space approach

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motion capture library


The Carnegie Mellon University – CMU Graphics Lab – motion capture library
is a Motion Capture Database available free to all who have interest.

There are of course many sites dealing with Motion Capture. One is the Motion Capture Support


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