The Workshop in Interactive Systems for Performance is being hosted by UWS and HCSNet in December 2005


WISP extends an invitation to engage in a number of issues relating to interactive technologies in the performing arts, which could be argued to not yet be well resolved, and require more research. The The workshop will be open to the public and is part of the HCSNet Summerfest this is a series of workshops and conference around Human Comunication Sciences, and so the WISP project hopes to attract cognitive scientists and linguist to engage in discussion around modelling Modality Integration Patterns, where cognative science and linguistics can assist with combining the information at the semantic level – the temporal-spatial domain. This inter-modality discussion is intended to assist in establishing a language that assists artists and technologists understand each others requirements and intentions when multi-modal interactive systems are integral to creative arts/performing arts outcomes.

The idea is that the workshop develop a number of key areas in which further research is required and then plan, on the final day, some collaborative research strategies and approaches for gaining funding to provide for long term research projects (ie. 3 or 5 year projects) based on international collaborations (Australia, UK, EU, Canada and USA).

WISP is particularly focusing on interactive systems in performing arts or video tracking system.

UWS have just granted funds ($230K) to establish the Virtual, Interactive, Performance Research Environment (VIPRE), so opportunities for collaborative research into new performance genres is developing a strong base at UWS. MARCS are also contributing the high speed VICON realtime video tracking system, so it’s all looking like a great space to work in.

Confirmed International Guests at WISP include:

Professor Leigh Landy (UK)
Professor Simon Biggs (UK)
Ass. ProfessorMichael Montanaro (Canada)
Ass. Professor David Birchfield (USA)
Atau Tanaka (Sony Labs, Paris)
Stelarc (UK/AUS)
Sarah Rubidge (UK)

:: Via Video link ::
Professor Joel Chadabe (USA)
Ass. Professor Marcelo Wanderley (Canada)

National Guests Include
Chrissie Parrot
David Pladger (NYID)
Kim Vincs (Deakin Uni)
Yuji Sone (UNSW)
Robin Fox
Garth Paine (UWS)
Hellen Sky (CIS)

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Gigs in September/October

Thought I’d pop a few dates up here for gigs I am doing in September/October

SynC, Michael Atherton and Garth Paine at Sonic Encounters, University of Western Sydney, September 29, 1PM

1/4″ gig at Woolongong Uni September 29, 7PM with Kreepa (AKA John Richards)

October 13, Canberra with Kreepa (more info to come)

Enjoy – hope to see you there….. cheers, Garth

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My new online weather sonification instrument is available for testing at

You need to download a small java application that allows you to add instruments and automatically log onto the Meterosonics weather server. At the moment there is one weather station i the Blue Mountains, but more are on their way – stay tuned

Let me know how you go…. ENJOY!!


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Sneak Preview

Here is a sneak preview of a new CD of material for ancient acoustic instruments (played by Michael Atherton) and live electronic processing using the Capybara, Kyma system , and their new Cross-Synthesis tools


The CD should be released later this year

Enjoy, Garth

Available as Podcast at http://www.activatedspace.com/blog/?feed=rss2

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Putting the Body Back

An internview with Daniel Palmer for RealTime discussing the body as the central conduit for experience and engagement with the world around us, the conceptual framework for my interactive installation Gestation

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In an article titled Composing Potentials, I discuss the ideas behind the development of my realtime interactive sound installation works, and my new work for realtime electronic processing of ancient acoustic instruments, performed live by Michael Atherton.

To read the article go to RealTime

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Instrument Builders

This is an Interview with Julian Day for ABC’s New Music Australia program a few years ago where we discuss the idea of the electronic musician, composer as instrument builder.

Enjoy, Garth

Available as Podcast at http://www.activatedspace.com/blog/?feed=rss2

Also available here

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