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Cybertheorist manifesto

An excellent article debunking some of the gloss, the “fix everything” shine placed on the idea of the network and crowd sourcing as THE new paradigm. The Open, Free ideals that drive mega profits for Google, Apple etc.

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Cool video using 3D moving walls

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New approach to wind energy – much more efficient

The Zero-Blade Technology is largely inspired from the sailboat and is likely to increase the efficiency of the current wind power conversion devices. The blades are replaced by a sail-shaped body while both hub and gearbox are removed. Instead of spinning the blades’ rotor, the wind is being harnessed by a sail which follows a non-rotational back and forth motion. Such movement follows a knot path and allows the conversion of the majority of the kinetic energy into mechanical energy (using pistons). The same is then converted to a hydraulic pressure that could either be stored (in hydraulic accumulator) or instantly converted to electricity via a hydraulic motor and a generator. Thanks to the aerodynamic shape of the Saphonian, the drag force becomes the driving force of the system while the lift force becomes almost nil.

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Hypex Electronics Power amp modules

A useful set of power amp modules and plate amps for making passive speaker boxes and installations active

Hypex Electronics supplies power amplifiers, digital processing and conversion to the professional, consumer and live audio industries. Our Ncore and UcD modules are the only class D amplifiers that are so neutral that they leave you in total control over how your product sounds, while taking the trouble of designing the power train out of your hands.

Whether you design active studio monitors or PA systems, AV receivers or audiophile products, there is always a module in our portfolio to fit your needs. If you need signal processing, have a look at our standard line-up of DSP boards or speak to us if you have specific requests.

Take your mind off the bit that drives the speaker wire. You create a great product while we provide the power.

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Sound and emotion

How Sound Affects from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

Soundcloud explores the four effects sound has on us – physiological, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral – in a concrete complement to their wonderful abstract short film, Sound.

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Practical Starting Guide to Max/MSP/Jitter

Always useful to have different kinds of references for students learning Max/MSP/Jitter

Practical Starting Guide to Max/MSP/Jitter.

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scan2Go exhibition


I have a series of works in the upcoming scan2Go exhibition, curated by Conrad Gleber, and Gail Rubini.

The College Art Association Services to Artists committee in collaboration with v1b3 (v1b3.com) are producing a printed catalogue of digital media art works entitled SCAN2GO. The catalogue will represent the artworks by printed QR codes, which function to connect viewers to digital media art works by using a smart phone.

The SCAN2GO catalogue will be dynamic for one year.

Artists will be assigned a QR code (printed in the catalogue) that links to an artwork.
Every four months each artist will provide us a new artwork for the QR link.

The printed catalog will be distributed during the CAA conference in Los Angeles, February 22-25, 2012. The QR codes are linked to a web address/url that shows an art piece (sound art, video, code pieces or web art) that will be viewed on smart phones and camera enabled tablet computers.

Conrad Gleber, Introduction
Meredith Hoy, Essay

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