Experimental Electronic Music Performance

Eliane Radigue revival

Eliane Radigue was an early experimental electronic composer – now re-visted in Europe as a mastermind of early sonic adventures – one fabulous product of that rediscovery is the number of videos now on youtube featuring her work.

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Make Noise Music | Black & Gold Shared System

So excited to be getting a new instrument…..

(email: technical@makenoisemusic.com text: Contact Technical Support)(email: kelly@makenoisemusic.com text: Contact Sales)

Source: Make Noise Music | Black & Gold Shared System

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Earth Itself – Atmospheres, on air, climate and the environment


I am super pleased to be invited to present a paper and my work at this very interesting interdisciplinary symposium at Brown University next year

On April 28-30, 2016, – Atmospheres, on air, climate and the environment. We will explore such topics as atmospheric circulation and weather; air as habitat — insects and birds; air pollution and quality of air; and legislating, governing and controlling air. The arts practice, curated by Brown scholar and artist, Ed Osborn, includes sound art, installations, and music, involving visiting artists and Brown students. Concurrently, the John Carter Brown Library will mount an exhibition on air and climate in the early modern world, part of its four-year series on The Four Elements that explores new ways of engaging – through environmental history – with its renowned collection of books, maps, and prints.


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Google’s Gesture research

The Soli project looks interesting – what I like is the nuance in the gesture that is sensed

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Staff Pad Music Notation on Tablets

OK so I don’t write that music music down in this form and I would probably want a lot of graphical freedom this app would not give me, but it looks way promising and I would certainly like to pair it with a iPad Pro and see what happens

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Resonant Texture Premier Performance

My new work for vibraphone and 4 resonating cymbals was premiered by the commissioning performer Alex Wier on Tuesday at the ASU Art Museum

Here is a sneak listen

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Soft Steps premieres at ACMA2015

My Acoustic work Soft Steps gets its premier at the Australasian Computer Music Conference next week. In a very rich program 18-21 Nov, 2015, you can hear my piece in the second concert on 6:30PM on Nov 19.

here a preview here

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