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Ambisonics – tools for head tracking and listening

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This is a tutorial to use the 9DOF Razor IMU

Tutorial · ptrbrtz/razor-9dof-ahrs Wiki · GitHub.

This is a a link for AmbiExplorer, which allows you to listen and explore ambisonic B-Format and UHJ audio files. It does it by decoding to stereo binaural or virtual microphones. You can decide were you want to be facing in the soundfield by moving a virtual 3D panner that lets you rotate and set the angles for either the virtual human head or the virtual microphones. The polar patterns for the microphones can be set ranging from omni-directional to bi-directional.

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MiniBee – Sense/Stage

These boards were developed at Concordia and are nice and small and customizable with Xbees – I think they look like and excellent tools for many interactive systems.

MiniBee – Sense/Stage Webshop.

MiniBee MiniBee Hardware

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Space Palette – A New Instrument for Music and Visuals

An interesting use of a framework to limit and guide Kinect usage for music and video making in realtime –

Space Palette – A New Instrument for Music and Visuals.

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I was invited to give a talk for the launch party of Arizona Design week back in October – there was a lot of interest in the music therapy project with Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy


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Good List of Bio-Sensors

This Make article on Galvanic Skin response has a good list of Bio-Sensing systems available. if you scroll down

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Processing Hour of Code | Editor

This is a fun (edging on manic) tutorial for very basic processing coding

Processing Hour of Code | Editor.

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Imogen Heap’s – Hands… more info

I am delighted to see these gloves/system well documented and shared. Here is info on constructed with some more info on common issues such as keeping the sensors in place so the bend is consistent and housing all the tech and microprocessor and making the cabling robust

glove kit

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