Music Composition

Eliane Radigue revival

Eliane Radigue was an early experimental electronic composer – now re-visted in Europe as a mastermind of early sonic adventures – one fabulous product of that rediscovery is the number of videos now on youtube featuring her work.

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I dream of Wires

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Make Noise Shared System

This is a great idea from Make Noise – a Modular system that is somewhat standardized for which they have produced several albums and publish patch sheets etc – the idea that you develop a community around an instrument is not common in the Eurorack space but makes a lot of sense in terms of working out what the possibilities are for the instrument as a performance tool.

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Great chats about Composing for film

I found these interesting discussions and particularly the comments about insecurity – I often feel like I know nothing when I start composing – when I did a lot of theatre, I intentionally forced everything out to start with a clean slate

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Staff Pad Music Notation on Tablets

OK so I don’t write that music music down in this form and I would probably want a lot of graphical freedom this app would not give me, but it looks way promising and I would certainly like to pair it with a iPad Pro and see what happens

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Music Prisms Festival

Simone Mancuso performed my new work Glistening Edge at the Music Prisms Festival in honor of Boulez’s 90th Birthday.

Great to have Diemo Schwarz from IRCAM with us in the concert too

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Live Player LP-16 – cymatic audio

This looks like a great option for multichannel playback for acoustic performances and also for installations

The Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16 is the easiest to use direct from USB Playback System, offering a 16-track audio player, standard MIDI File Player, Footswitch Start and Stop, and dedicated software Playlist Editor. The LP-16 works as a dedicated multi-track player for live performances, while sparing users the hassles of using a laptop and computer audio interface in a live environment. It is perfect for backing tracks, virtual sound checks, triggering synthesizers or samplers, driving light shows and controlling devices.

via Live Player LP-16 – cymatic audio.


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